case study

okay so as a project i had to do a study on an amazing artist Georgia O’Keeffe and it was very interesting. i learned that O’Keeffe done art for a pineapple company and also she was idolize by feminist cause of a panting she did that look like the women s genital many of her art piece were cool to look at. she panted with color and i love them. it was one called black peace 2 and i love it i want it i felt that it was peace but in a way that some wouldn’t see it for example its mostly black and sort of white with very little pink at the bottom. it was another called jack in the pulpit no. 4. it is a very beautiful piece. i really want it. i feel like its a small person in a fire and cant get out and i feel like that. i like the project i just wish i did it properly.


i had did a picture with big red dot somewhat in the center then bubbles at the bubbles were blueish i could not change the color. i know for a fact i did bad but only because i was barley prepared. i was going to do something that i could really talk about but i felt it would have been a little too much for me to handle as well as the class.

Diversity Project

okay so my group did a project over diversity. right so we talked about how each of us are different. different in our own way. each letter was an adjective and meant something to each of us. i presented well in front of the class like i always do cause i can speak well in presentations to class. sometimes i just say um and ah a lot but i feel who don’t if you look back at some famous people you would see that they said um and ah’s though their speech so i sill think that i did alright for someone who don’t like people and for someone who hates speaking in public

How to be a Christian without being a jerk about it

Feet in, Arms out

A few weeks ago, the marvelous Lindy West over at Jezebel wrote an excellent post called, “How to be an Atheist without being a dick about it.” As someone who has been the target of my fair share of dickish Atheists in my life, I really appreciated it. However, the behavior of dickish Atheists pales in comparison with some of the behavior of my Christian brothers and sisters. So, dear people, I give you some recommendations on how to be a Christian without being a jerk and turning everyone off to not only Christians, but to Jesus. (I’m going to try to cut back on the language in the event that some Christians who need to hear this are turned off by the swears. Let’s see how I do.)

1) Stop threatening people with hellfire and damnation. Nobody likes it. It achieves approximately nothing so far as spreading the…

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